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The Best Yuri Comic of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Orange Rouge Yuri!!! On Ice Yuri Katsuki Nendoroid Figure
  • An Orange Rouge import
  • From the popular anime series
  • Includes three face plates for multiple expressions
  • Alternate hair parts, glasses, and smartphone
Bestseller No. 2
Orange Rouge Yuri!!! On Ice: Yuri Plisetsky Nendoroid Action...
  • An Orange Rouge import
  • From the hit anime
  • Includes three face plates for multiple expressions
  • Comes with a cat ear Alice band and a katsudon pirozhki
Bestseller No. 3
Orange Rouge Yuri!!! On Ice: Yuri Katsuki (Casual Version)...
  • An Orange Rouge import
  • From the hit anime series
  • Includes two face plates for blank and drunk expressions
  • Optional glasses, scarf, backpack, and alternate head Part with hat
Bestseller No. 4
Orange Rouge Yuri!!! On Ice Viktor Nikiforov Nendoroid...
  • An Orange Rouge import
  • From the popular anime series
  • Includes three face plates for multiple expressions
  • Optional gold medial and bouquet parts
Bestseller No. 5
Good Smile Yuri Yuri Akari Akaza Nendoroid Action Figure
  • A Good Smile import
  • From the popular anime series
  • Includes numerous optional parts
  • Removable hair buns

Buyer's Guide: Yuri Comic

New Yuri Comic On The Rise

Yuri Comic, sometimes referred to as simply YC or You Don't Know What, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takahashi. The manga was released in April of 2021, long before the web became popular and, consequently, even more obscure. Today, many Americans and English speaking readers have access to manga online. The manga has achieved worldwide popularity, particularly among men who enjoy erotic comics.

Most of the characters in Yuri are female, and have strong romantic ties with their boyfriends or girlfriends. However, one male character, named Okazu, does not have any girlfriend and develops a strong sexual relationship with another man. This relationship is depicted with graphic detail. The storyline involves many twists and turns, as well as some shocking martial arts moves.

Okazu is an ambitious martial arts student who dreams of one day competing in the Olympics. He trained hard for years under the tutelage of a master called Nippon Kankuro. Kankuro would eventually become famous as Friedman. However, he discovered that Nippon's true name was Okazu and not friedman. Although this story may seem hazy to the reader at first, it becomes clear that Okazu is based on an accurate true story of a young Japanese martial arts prodigy.

Many of the events in the story are similar to those found in Friedman's other manga titles, but the style of storytelling is very different. In monogatari, events are frequently described in chronological order. As with all comics based on real life events, the reader is frequently forced to guess how events might unfold. This is often done by introducing new characters that we don't meet initially, like the main protagonist, Yuri.

Another unique aspect of the comic is the inclusivity of gender and queerness. Although the creator's intent was to create a story for mainstream appeal, many of the events have a queering undertone. In fact, nearly every aspect of the story deals with lesbian themes, sexual variation, or the exploration of various erotic pleasures. These elements make the comic appealing to a wider audience, especially to the young adult readership who would otherwise be unlikely to consider manga.

Some of the themes explored in Yuri Comic are similar to issues that mainstream authors like Michener have written about. For example, in addition to exploring the theme of lesbian lovers, the manga has characters who identify as bisexuals, and others who practice BDSM (bolt breaker, domination, and sado-masochism). The creator's open attitude towards queering relationships makes this manga very popular with many fans of queered media. In addition, the creators have created a large following among older gay men who enjoy reading comics about men and women who love each other but aren't interested in exploring same-sex relationships. This popularity among older gay men is probably owed to the fact that the creators of Yuri Comic, whose names are Victor Moretti and Carlos Ezaki, are both out men.

It should be noted that Yuri is not only popular among the gay community, but also among mainstream readers. Its popularity means that this popular comic is proving to be a boon to the mainstream comics industry. As more readership grows, the future for comic books and graphic novels in general looks very bright indeed. The success of Ms. Comix indicates the potential for success of hime kiddy favorites like Yuri on a mainstream level. With mainstream appeal comes the possibility of widespread appeal.

Hime has a fan base just like Yuri manga. Many online forums devoted to anime and shounen read yuri manga. One popular discussion thread includes comments such as "I really like anime and manga but these comic hime wakizashi are great. Like hime wakizashi the ones that put the poses in every panel". Other posters encourage new artists to create similar fan art featuring their favorite characters. With the success of this new genre it is only a matter of time before other media forms catch on.