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The Best Valkyrie Marvel Comics of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Marvel Legends Series Avengers: Endgame Valkyrie
  • 6-Inch-scale collectible Marvel Valkyrie figure – fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy this...
  • Marvel movie-inspired design – Marvel Valkyrie fan figure with premium design, detail, and articulation for...
  • Premium articulation and detailing – the quality 6-inch legends series Marvel Valkyrie figure features...
  • Thor build-a-figure Part – includes right leg build-a-figure piece. Collect figures in this Marvel Legends...
Bestseller No. 2
Avengers Marvel Endgame Titan Hero Series Marvel’s...
  • 12-Inch scale Marvel Valkyrie figure – Imagine the elite Asgardian Warrior battling alongside the Avengers...
  • Talking Super hero action figure - connect Titan hero power FX launcher (not included; sold separately with...
  • Marvel movie-inspired design – fans can imagine the action-packed scenes of the Marvel universe with this...
  • Compatible with titan hero power FX launcher (not included; sold separately with Titan hero power FX figures.)...
Bestseller No. 3
Thor #460 "1st Appearance of Valkyrie (Thor's Madness...
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 10/28/1962 (Publication Date) - Marvel Comics (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 4
Marvel Valkyrie the Destroyer Bubble Gum Cloud Comic T-Shirt
  • Officially Licensed Marvel T-Shirt
  • 17MARV00208A
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Bestseller No. 5
Marvel Legends Infinite Series Fearless Defenders Valkyrie
  • Comic inspired design
  • Choose from figures, vehicles, and role play toys for heroes of all ages each sold separately
  • Collect other Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures (each sold separately)
  • Includes figure and Build A Figure piece

Buyer's Guide: Valkyrie Marvel Comics

Super Heroine, Valkyrie Marvel Comics

The first mention of a fictional superhero by Marvel Comics was in the Incredible Hulk storyline "Krariska." Marvel brought this character to the world in the following comic: Incredible Hulk #1. This character was a powerful telepath and psionically skilled, she used a helmet like that of the Hulk, which also contained a bio-luminescent light generator device. She had the ability to control weather and was armed with an adamantium shell.

In the modern age, we have the powerful warrior-princess, Valkyrie. In Marvel Comics she is known as Veranka, daughter of the King of the realm of Asgardia, the domain of dragons. While her father, king Aemo, rules Asgard with an iron fist, her mother queen Therkla, tries to rule through old age magic. In addition, her half-sister, solicitor Varin, also trying to gain control over Asgardia, seeks to purify the human race using a dragonfang berry. However, when Valkyrie discovers the berry and realizes its evil intent, she takes her half-sister with her to battle against the dragonfang itself.

After discovering the evil nature of the dragonfang, Veranka throws her father into the water and into the pit of lava she creates as a final sacrifice to save him. While flying away, she frees her father and the rest of her followers, and flees into the Asgardian Wilderness. She then gathers a new group of fighters and leads them against her former enemies who seek to bring down her magical flying horse, the Firehoof.

In the modern day of the Marvel Universe, there exists a version of Valkyrie known as the Queen of the Silvermountains, who is a warrior princess who serves as the protectore to her people, the Silvermoon. Her skills as an enchantress and skilled archer are on par with that of the greatest archers in the world, but she uses her passion for justice to make herself a shining example to her people. This makes her a formidable foe for anyone who enters the arena of the queen's palace.

In the original history of the Asgardians, the evil sorceress Hela had once cast a spell on Valkyrie, which made her fall in love with an human named Barbara Norriss. Barbara was able to free herself from Hela's spell when she took the form of a young woman and visited her native land alongside her son, Thor. While there, she learned that Hela possessed incredible magical powers, and that she had been tricked into serving her by changing into a human girl, which she was in reality, while disguised as Valkyrie.

Hela used her powers to attack Viking ships, but was defeated by a pair of brave Vikings who had saved the young Norris. When the king of Asgard offered to give his daughter as a betrothal gift to Hela, he was attacked by the sorceress, who then escaped to distant lands. Years later, when Valkyrie was captured by the sinister Thanos, she was given up as a slave on another planet. She was brainwashed for many years by the dreaded Doctor Doom, and became an apprentice to the wizard named Magneto. But when Thanos attacked Earth, leaving only a handful of beings alive that he had spared from his realm of the dead, Valkyrie and the other survivors of the battle fought him to the death.

When the X-Men, now led by Professor X, arrived on the scene to investigate the planet of Vanaheim, they discovered that there had been a massive conflict that had torn apart the population. Magneto explained that the only way to restore order on the planet was for the X-Men to kill every single one of the dragons that were ruling Vanaheim. With this task, Magneto hoped to rally the X-Men to do their duties. Unfortunately, when Valkyrie showed up to assist the X-Men, she was targeted by the evil sorceress, and was taken hostage. The X-Men soon learned that she had magical abilities similar to those possessed by the dragonfang, and demanded that Valkyrie turn over her power to them.

After a heated exchange of words between the X-Men and the sorceress, Valkyrie agreed to give the magic sword, dragonfang, to the X-Men if they would free her from slavery on asgardian island. However, when the X-Men visited the mystical realm of Vanaheim to retrieve their prize, they discovered that the entire island was wrecked. The X-Men were also dismayed to discover that all the dragons that lived in Vanaheim were killed by Valkyrie and her allies. While trying to recover their prize, the X-Men learned that the real reason why Valkyrie turned herself into a dark warrior was because she secretly desired to be queen of asgardia. Realizing that she could never be crowned as the Queen of Asgardia, she abandoned her family and joined the ranks of the evil sorceressess, turning to the dark arts to gain power over all of reality. In order to defeat Valkyrie, the X-Men needed to destroy every one of her forms, but they were no match for the powerful sorceress.