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The Best Sentinel Comics of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Greater Than Games Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game...
  • This is a game of powerful heroes, terrifying villains, and the conflicts between them in a world of comic...
  • In Sentinel Comics: the Roleplaying Game (or SCRPG , for short), whenever you take an action, you consult your...
  • Number of players: 2
  • item package weight: 0.2 pounds
Bestseller No. 2
Greater Than Games SRPG:SKIT Sentinels Comics: Role-Playing...
  • Product Type :Tabletop Game
  • Package Dimensions :0.762 Cm L X22.86 Cm W X27.94 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :China
  • Package Weight :1.0Lbs
Bestseller No. 3
Marvel Comixology X-Men Sentinels Comic Book Cover Premium...
  • Officially Licensed Marvel Apparel
  • 19MARV00382A-001
  • This premium t-shirt is made of lightweight fine jersey fabric
  • Fit: Men’s fit runs small, size up for a looser fit. Women’s fit is true to size, order usual size.
Bestseller No. 4
Sen-ti-nel 1/6 Iron Spider Marvel Comics:
  • 1/6 Scale Iron Spider joins the line-up of the popular RE: EDIT series
  • 1/6 Scale Iron Spider joins the line-up of the popular RE: EDIT series
  • While being Spiderman, he has a metallic look similar to that of Iron Man and is arranged in the RE: EDIT...
  • The three iconic arms are all movable and part of Spiderman's main body is made of die-cast

Buyer's Guide: Sentinel Comics

Sentinel Comics

Since taking the world by storm with its critically acclaimed and best-selling Amazing Spider-Man comic book series, Marvel has always maintained a strong bond with its numerous comic book fans worldwide. Over the years, the comic has grown into an industry giant, selling over sixty million copies. More importantly, the comics have also given birth to a host of spin-off titles including the X-Men franchise, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Iron Man and several others. All these titles, however, have one common denominator - they are highly successful and are loved by most of the comic book fanatics.

However, many readers may be surprised to know that a lot of their favorite superheros aren't actually featured in this top franchise. A number of lesser known heroes and villains have made their debut in the Amazing Spider-Man animated series. One of them is Doctor Doom, whose evil scheme has spread across multiple dimensions. The evil doctor has transformed himself into a half machine/half human/super hero called Doctor Superior. A full citation needed to mention his first appearance in the animated series.

Doctor Doom, as he appears in the animated series, is the alter ego of the famous Doctor Who, also known as the Time Lord. In the comic book, Doctor Doom's intentions are defined as a simple mission of restoring the lost sanity of the world's Mightiest Heroes. However, his real agenda is much more sinister and driven. As a result, his quest for complete domination has led him to conquer most of reality-both the physical and metaphysical realms.

Doctor Doom uses various highly advanced apparatus, such as the Skrull Ship, to telepathically communicate with other dimension's Sentinels. With this powerful device, he can control virtually any object on this earth. Among his notable super powered tools are the Skrull Pulse, the Tusk, and the Mind Stone. These are equipped with means of manipulating time and reality. The powerful guided method is a highly refined directed method that helps the Doctor locate and recruit any of the many playable heroes of Sentinel Comics.

The most powerful mutant on Earth, Phoenix, is a member of the X-Men. While not a founding member, she has since become a major part of the group. Her uncanny abilities enable her to trap her enemies in her diamond like "phoenix stone" and transform them into her formidable Sentinels. She is also capable of inducing powerful telepathic waves to temporarily paralyze her opponents. As a member of the X-Men, Phoenix was a valuable member of the team who displayed great skill as an offensive force as well as a defensive one.

Wolverine, known as Logan, is an orphan whose greatest skill lies in his adamantium claws. He is an mutant who has been trained by Magneto, but has not become a member of the Avengers since his first encounter with fellow mutant Scott Lang. Wolverine, like most of the other playable characters of Sentinel, has an extensive history of battling villains. His experience in combat leaves him skilled at defeating villains while at the same time leaving him vulnerable to attacks from his teammates. Wolverine is also very skilled when it comes to hand combat, though he is typically more concerned with using his superior speed and strength to combat larger foes.

Cyclops, known as Jean Grey, is an intriguing playable character. A young woman who is the daughter of another renowned mutant, Scott Summers, she possesses telekinetic powers similar to Cyclops' psionic abilities. She is a strong telepath with an almost psionic awareness, which allows her to anticipate actions in advance. Cyclops was raised by his father Scott and has become deeply experienced in combat techniques. He frequently aids the X-Men in their conflicts with villains, although some time between his time on the team and his time as an operative for the Hellfire Club, he has been discovered as an ordinary human being again.

Wolverine, while not a founding member of the X-Men, is among the most popular of the cast. A powerful mutant who uses advanced technology to give him increased strength and endurance, Wolverine's fighting skills have earned him a number of enemies over his lifetime. In the present time, Wolverine appears as the leader of the Hellfire Club along with Storm, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, and Beast. Wolverine, along with these newer recruits, battles evil Scientists and mutant terrorists in the future. Wolverine is one of the most well rounded and interesting of all the X-Men characters and his role in the future of the X-Men has proven that he is one of the most exciting and interesting X-Men to date.