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The Best Order Of The Stick Comic of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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SaleBestseller No. 1
The Order of the Stick, Vol. 0: On the Origin of PCs
  • Rich Burlew (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 72 Pages - 08/01/2005 (Publication Date) - Giant in the Playground (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 2
Order of the Stick 1 - Dungeon Crawlin' Fools
  • The entire first story arc, from the very beginning at #1 all the way up to #121.
  • Eighteen all-new bonus strips, including an all-new nine-page introduction to the story.
  • In-depth behind the scenes author commentary.
  • Foreward by James Wyatt, game designer..
Bestseller No. 3
The Order of the Stick, Vol. 4: Don't Split the Party
  • All of the comics from #485 to #672, inclusive.
  • More than 15 bonus comics, including two all-new deleted scenes: "Elan's Underwater Adventure" and "Get Roy".
  • Ten pages of author commentary which will be horribly misquoted to support the more outlandish fan theories.
  • A recap of events-to-date by Belkar Bitterleaf.
Bestseller No. 4
TheStick Original, 24"L, Standard Flexibility, Blue Handles,...
  • Flexibility of the core bends and allows you to treat a much larger area much more comfortably
  • Center rod of the stick is surrounded by 15 rotating spindles or rollers, which roll independently over the...
  • 24” long roller is designed to rock back and forth a little bit to find and release painful trigger points
  • Helps to improve strength, flexibility and endurance by rapidly preparing muscles for physical activity
Bestseller No. 5
Order of the Stick 5 - Blood Runs in the Family
  • Product Type :Toys And Games
  • Model Number :9780976658085
  • Country Of Origin :United States
  • Package Quantity :1

Buyer's Guide: Order Of The Stick Comic

Order of the Stick Comic Book and Its Universe

The Order of the Stick Comic is a webcomic which satirizes old-school tabletop role playing games and modern, medieval fantasy. The comic is drawn and written by Rich Burlew, also illustrated the comic in a large stick figure form. It was created and released by Drawn From Reality, a web site which also offers a large collection of original artwork, comics, wallpaper, and other media. In this article, we will take a look at this amazing webcomic.

The Order of the Stick begins with a single panel showing the entire situation: the protagonist, Elan, is working at a job he hates, sleeping on an old, dirty couch, drinking from a bottle of cheap scotch, and watching his bored, evil twin brother, Vaarsuvius, destroys the television. Just then, a mysterious stranger, Le Clerk, enters, carrying a large bag. He asks Elan to help him find his sister, Hilda. When Elan refuses, Le Clerk tells him he plans to attack their home, since his brother is "the strongest and the smartest".

Elan gets up, grabs his sword, and ambushes Le Clerk. He slices through the leather of his chest, killing him instantly, and then engages in a psychic battle with the corpse. After winning the fight, Elan places the fallen corpse over his dead body and buries him in the back yard. As he leaves, he hears a strange voice asking if he took the bag, but he doesn't answer. Then, a mysterious stranger appears before him, telling him that he's been put into an alternate dimension called "The Abyss", and that he has six months to get out or else he'll be trapped there.

The next day, Elan stumbles upon The Stick, an English comic book version of Wonder Woman. He identifies himself as "Starman" and begins to join the other survivors. Soon, they discover that The Stick has vanished and is believed dead. Superman then leaves to look for someone who can solve the mystery of where The Stick went. Eventually, the other survivors discover the location of the mysterious plane where the real world and the parallel world meet.

Clark Kent, also known as Superman, explains to them that he saw a weird, shadowy figure fall from the sky while looking at a strange plane. Clark Kent then states that The Stick was the last living person on the plane, and was being held prisoner there. Superman then uses his super-speed to jump onto the plane and rescue The Stick. The two of them come face-to-face with the Mad Robot, whom they take down. With the help of other survivors, Superman finishes off the Mad Robot.

After The Mad Robot's defeat, Superman teleports himself and The Stick back to the real world, where he witnesses a strange, crimson and gold substance covering the entire globe. A mysterious figure then drops from the sky and starts to slowly burn the substance. This mysterious entity eventually becomes the new Wonder Woman. The writer of the Order of the Stick comic book, Johnicit, has since revealed that the mysterious entity responsible for this phenomenon was a planet called Themyscia.

In the second issue of the comic, The Justice League appears to investigate the origin of this mysterious event. They witness a battle taking place between the DC Universe and the alternate universe's Justice League. During the battle, The Riddler escapes from a burning building, while The Martian Hunter and The Phantom Lady escape from the Batplane. In the battle's final scene, The Riddler wounds The Martian while escaping. In the meantime, The Question goes into exile while Wonder Woman heals The Riddler's wounds.

In summation, this is a well written comic book. The Order of the Stick does a good job at building up the mythology of the DC comic book world while introducing a few new characters as well. It would have been better if Johnicit included some supporting characters in the sequel of this book.