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The Best Graham Cracker Comics of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 2
Honey Maid Honey Graham Crackers, Family Size, 6 - 25.6 oz...
  • One package of six 25.6 o, family size boxes of Honey Maid Honey Graham Crackers
  • Made with real honey for delicious flavor
  • Square shaped graham snacks have a crunch in each bite
  • Enjoy as an afternoon snack or stack with marshmallows and chocolate for yummy s'mores
Bestseller No. 3
Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack, OREO Mini, CHIPS AHOY!...
  • One 30 count Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack, 8 OREO Mini, 8 CHIPS AHOY! Mini, 7 Teddy Grahams, 7 Honey &...
  • Enjoy bite-sized versions of your favorite sweet snacks in their classic flavors
  • Snack size cookies and mini crackers in packable snack packs
  • OREO cookies, CHIPS AHOY! cookies and cracker variety packs are great as team snacks after the big game or...
SaleBestseller No. 4
HoneyMaid Graham Crackers, 14.4 Ounce (Pack
  • Original Honey Maid graham crackers
  • Two (14.4 ounce) boxes
  • Made with real honey
  • No high fructose corn syrup
Bestseller No. 5
Honey Maid Fresh Stacks Graham Crackers, Flavour, 6 Count...
  • Six boxes with 6 stacks each, 36 total stacks, of Honey Maid Fresh Stacks Graham Crackers
  • Made with real honey for delicious flavor
  • Square shaped graham snacks are easy to hold and fun to eat
  • Enjoy as an afternoon snack or stack with marshmallows and chocolate for yummy s'mores

Buyer's Guide: Graham Cracker Comics

Have You Tried Graham Cracker Comics Yet?

A long time ago, when Graham Cracker was first introduced on television, it was a big deal for him and his animation company. This was something he was asked to participate in, he said. If only he'd taken a shot at it, this would have been the right time to do it, he said. Currently, Graham Cracker is one of the best-selling independent comic book series in the nation, and is a national chain of comics publishing. It is owned by the syndicate that brought us such comic greats as Batman and Robin, The Phantom, and Bat Girl.

There are many people who love Cracker. Many people want to become cartoon characters themselves. There is also a lot of nostalgic value to these kinds of comics. We had some pretty lousy ones back in the '80s, but there are some really nice, touching ones out now too. There was a run where the lead character was a bald eagle, and every other comic series featured other birds and animals. There were a few really good shows involved in this type of media, but overall, the media failed, even though we were having a lot of political and social revolutions at the time.

I have to think that the reason these kinds of cartoons didn't last, is because Americans just aren't that interested in watching television anymore. There just isn't enough of it around. One thing that's helped keep Graham Cracker on the air, and one of the reasons that it has lasted so long, is that the animation was really funny. American kids grew up on those kinds of cartoons, and they are still watching them in primetime today.

Some of the animation in these types of comics is just wonderful. Spongebob Squarepants is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. I'm not sure why, but it is just kind of an entertaining and cute show to watch. There are episodes where all sorts of animals, Squidward, Patrick, etc. can pop in and out of existence at will. It's a great series.

Another great cartoon that has been around for a long time is Garfield. Not only is it a very catchy cartoon, but it's just a very fun cartoon to watch. I think one of the greatest things about watching it, is that you never know what's going to happen. You never know when a sandwich is going to fall off a chair!

We also had some truly terrible drawings on some of the pages of Graham Cracker comics. This wasn't just me looking back in hindsight. The artists weren't that good, either. I mean, some of them drew stuff that was just awful. They could barely draw, and sometimes their attempts at drawing were just... ugly.

But if I have one thing to say about those types of cartoons, it would be this. They were not only drawn poorly, but they attempted to draw something that could at least attempt to look like an attempt at quality art. Those kinds of cartoons just didn't live up to expectations. Not even close. They were awful in everyway.

There are some great things about Graham Cracker comics though. For one, they're always fun. There aren't any over the top special effects or outlandish comedy bits. There's no "WOW" factor here. Everything is just sort of... ordinary.

In a lot of early American cartoons, they tried to use a real life setting. Most of them were set in small towns or small buildings, or within some sort of society. You had your local courthouse or something along those lines. Graham cracker cartoons are a bit more abstract. They don't try to make any kind of statement with anything.

There are some fantastic drawn comic panels too. Some of them are incredibly detailed and drawn with great feeling. A lot of people don't really realize how much effort goes into drawing some of these wonderful comic panels. They're drawings are almost like oil paintings in some cases.

All in all, Graham cracker comics are a really fun quick read. It's not like you need any real education to understand them. You know what I'm saying? They're easy to understand and you can tell a story in a couple of minutes. They have an incredible entertainment value. There are tons of them out there, and if you haven't picked any up yet, you should definitely get some now.