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The Best Dc Comics Scarecrow of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
DC Comics Multiverse 3.75" Basic Figure, Scarecrow
  • Authentic to parallel character in the world of DC, this figure celebrates Batman video games and classic DC...
  • Highly detailed DC Comics character has 14-points of articulation
  • Will delight those seeking collector-quality action figure in the 4-inch scale
  • Collect all your favorite DC Comic characters, each sold separately
Bestseller No. 2
Rubie's Costume DC Comics Rogues Gallery Adult Scarecrow Set...
  • Scarecrow costume is officially licensed by dc comics
  • Straightjacket with non-binding straps and attached draw card, mask, and hat
  • One size fits most adults and teens
  • Have fun with rubie's costumes, be someone completely different than you really are or show a secret side you...
Bestseller No. 4
DC Universe Classics Sinestro Corps/Yellow Lantern Scarecrow...
  • Classically styled DC Universe Classics Wave 17 collector figure
  • 6" highly detailed collectible figure in its classic comic book styling
  • Authentically sculpted and designed by Four Horsemen Studios
  • Figure is extremely detailed and classically styled with superior articulation
Bestseller No. 5
DC Comics Retro Style Boxed 8 Inch Action Figures: Scarecrow
  • Retro Mego Style Action Figure
  • Includes an authentic cloth outfit
  • Comes in cardboard box packaging just like the originals
  • Officially licensed DC Comics product

Buyer's Guide: Dc Comics Scarecrow

Dark Knight Limited Edition Statue of the Dark Knight

The original DC Comics Scarecrow statue was cast in bronze in 1982 and has been an iconic accessory for fans of Batman comics ever since. For those who don't have one already, they simply must add this awesome statue to their collection! There is no doubt that once you add the Scarecrow statue to your collection you'll be adding a lot of value and personality to it. If you want to know what exactly is so great about this statue, check out the link at the bottom to find out.

Both of these DC Comics Scarecrow figures are loaded with top-notch detail which will absolutely enhance any collection out there. Both statues will be available in limited quantities, with the Limited releasing a TBD size and the Standard being a 250 piece package. These two busts will definitely look the best on a Batman Zoloft Two Pack or a Batman Dark Knight Two Pack! Both packages will include a complementary poster.

As far as why these two busts are so great, let's take a look at how they came to life. The sculptor who created the original DC Comic rendition of the Scarecrow statue did a fantastic job and the results are fantastic. The design is designed to emulate the expression of a crow and because of the small amount of detail required to achieve this look, this one of a kind statue is sure to be one of the most unique Batman accessory packages out there. This one of a kind statue is also limited, so be sure to act fast if you want it!

Personally, I think the Batman Dark Knight movie brought the most authenticity to this pairing and any accessory that enhances this already amazing storyline is a definite must have. If you love both Batman films but maybe even hate the insane villains henchman, this pairing is for you. If you love them but don't like The Joker, then this pairing is for you.

Now for those of you keeping score at home, I will not lie to you, there were a lot of rumors swirling around that The Joker could turn into a statue. Well, The Joker is still the bad guy in the DC Universe, but he was slightly weakened in the Man of Steel movie. He may not have had some surgery or maybe he was pushed over the edge by the arrival of Wonder Woman. No one is quite sure. Either way, we are now seeing a much bigger version of The Joker and no one knows if he'll be made into a limited edition action figure or if he'll be seen as a regular sized statue.

For those of you keeping score at home, The Joker will always be available as a limited edition action figure. There have been several instances where fans have requested a piece of the Joker because they missed out on purchasing him when he was first released. There are also some die hard fans who will go to any opportunity to get their hands on this madman. Some even offer money for any photograph of The Joker that can be found.

Well, as it turns out, The Scarecrow may not be getting his rockin' rollin' attitude quite yet. Judging by the look of The Scarecrow statue, he might be stuck sitting in the rocking chair. The statue does look like he may be a bit sad, but who knows. The original version of The Scarecrow has been around since 1960 and he never received an updated version of himself in any merchandise media. If the new take on The Scarecrow doesn't make him look any younger, I'm not sure that's a bad thing. It seems as though the DC comics community, whether you agree with them or not, likes to give their characters some personality and uniqueness.

The second year of the Batman comics limited series promises to be some exciting stuff. I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope that either The Joker or maybe the Riddler will receive an upgrade. Who knows, maybe both!