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The Best Azazel Marvel Comics of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Buyer's Guide: Azazel Marvel Comics

Azazel Marvel Comics - The Mysterious Female X-Man

Azazel is a fictional super villain appearing in American comics released by Marvel Comics, particularly those featuring the X-Men series. In modern comic book continuity, he is an evil psychic and telepath who can use telekinesis and other supernatural powers to inflict damage on others. However, unlike most other comic book villains, Azazel was created as an ally of the X-Men, working alongside them during many battles. He is the father of Nightcrawler and X-Men member Cable. This makes him a family friend to many of the X-Men characters, most notably Cyclops and Jean Grey. He has also been featured in several X-Men cartoons.

Azazel was revealed to be the biological father of Nightcrawler and Cable in the first issue of the latter's animated television series. However, in the comic book world, it is shown that Azazel had a massive role in the evolution of Cyclops and Jean Grey, leading to their separation. After a lengthy struggle with a demon, Azazel was defeated and transformed into a demon himself, though he managed to escape from hell. He then travelled across the world, seeking new victims to feed on, until he encountered Cable in New York City.

In his early days as a powerful telepath and a demon hunter, Azazel was well known as the fallen angel of death. He claimed to have been sent by God to punish some of mankind for their wickedness. Several modern-day scholars suggest that Azazel may have been one of the messengers sent by Jesus Christ to warn humanity about the dangers they face if they refuse to embrace Christ's teachings. Azazel is mostly mentioned in the Bible, where he gives a description of the seventh Heaven, wherein all the deceased are resurrected. Some of the fallen angels were restored to life by the presence of Jesus Christ and his angels, and Azazel was one of them.

In the most recent issue of the highly-anticipated X-Men series, written by writer Chris Yost, we discover that Azazel was actually the biological father of Scott Summers. When Professor X had taken over the mansion that housed Magneto and opened a portal to another world, he placed several humans on this other planet. They were to be protected from the feral mutant attacks. However, when Azazel was present, he tried to interfere by trapping Scott in his home, but was instead teleported to the Australian Outback by Professor X himself. It is here that he reveals his genetic traits of being a powerful telepath and a powerful devil.

The mysterious stranger that transported Azazel back to the Australian Outback is Professor X himself. He uses a Cerebro device to track down Scott and sends him on a mission to find a cure for the poison gas that killed his mother. Along the way, he also captures younger versions of himself (including Azazel) to experiment on. One of these offspring is Margali Szardos. After some experimentation, the rogue professor finds out that the antidote to the poison gas needed a catalyst. He kidnaps Scott and tries to force him to use the chemical on Azazel, but is stopped by Jean Grey.

Following the events in the X-Men: Wolverine and the X-Men, there have been multiple spinoffs and different versions of the character in a number of different mediums. Some of the most notable are a television show, an animated TV series, the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a comic book, the video game X-Men: Evolution and an internet series. Recently, Marvel has brought back some of their classic characters through the introduction of Wolverine and the X-Men, which is currently running in the comic book market. In the run of the show, some of the newer additions to the roster of Marvel's supernatural agents have been given super powers. These include Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gambit and Wolverine.

In some of the early incarnations of the x-men, the group often featured Charles Xavier, who was the team's leader. In some continuity, however, Professor X was a blond scientist named James Howlett. In the Dark Phoenix book, Xavier was presumed dead after being burned alive by Phoenix during the final battle of the mutant menace. In the New York Times, howlett was portrayed as a neurotic recluse with a personality resembling a young Michael Myers. His specialty was in controlling other people's mind. Some of the villains he commanded were: Mystique, Beast and Bishop.

The most recent continuity feature the mysterious androgynous android called Surge. She was created by writer Kurt Busiek and illustrated by Todd Machell. A genetically engineered human clone of Cyclops, Surge possessed all the attributes of the young hero. She was an essential part of the uncanny x-men team until she was murdered by Wolverine. In the Wolverine series, she was given a new identity by Professor X and she remains an integral part of the team today.

This is just one of the few comic book characters whose existence has transcended over the last couple of decades. If you are familiar with the original Azazel, you will recognize her in the Hellraiser movies, the sequel to the successful Hellraiser film franchise. In fact, several of the writers for the original Azazel series started work on the sequels to Hellraiser and later went on to write the initial screenplay for the sequel to that very same film.

So, if you are interested in this particular comic book character, you may be wondering what led to her creation and why you should read her comic books. According to the writer, Frank Miller, who is the pen name of Scott Lobdell, Azazel is an orphan whose biological father was killed when she was still very young. Since her death, she was raised by Magneto and took over the leadership of the X-Men unit, which included Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Wolverine and Storm. Her goal is to avenge her biological father and to seek out those responsible for her loss.