Futurama #54 Comic Book + Poster


Futurama #54 Comic Book
with special black light poster insert!
Date: March 2011

Cover Artists: Matt Groening, J. Ho, and Rote
Writer: Rogers
Interior Artist: Lloyd and Kazaleh
Condition: New/Unread (Grading Guide)
Protection: Comic comes in a protective sleeve with a backer board
Details: Includes foldout poster inserted in the center!

Do androids dream of one-eyed, mutant, space pilots? And after dreaming about them, are they willing to sell those space pilots on the interplanetary black market as pets?

And once they sell them, as pets to a distant culture that seeks glory by winning the Westministeria Pet Show, are the space pilots' friends prepared to save said space pilots from being named 'Best of Breed'? Ask no further; all of your silly questions will soon be answered!

Also: When Kif Kroker earns a promotion, Zapp Brannigan takes extreme measures to make sure Kif's new command becomes his last patrol!

Futurama #54 Comic Book
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Futurama #54 Poster
This poster image is for reference only.
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