Batman: Gotham City Secret Files #1 Comic Book


Batman: Gotham City Secret Files and Origins #1 Comic Book
Date: April 2000

Story: 'The Changing Face of Gotham City', 'Recruitment Poster', 'Catwoman Movie Trailer', 'Robin & Oracle', 'Interview with Leslie Thompkins', 'Lost Pages: Skullduggery', 'Man on the Street', and 'Profiles'
Cover Artist: John Van Fleet
Writers: Scott Peterson, Kelly Puckett, Bronwyn Carlton, Chuck Dixon, Brian K. Vaughan, Scott Beatty, Greg Rucka, and Devin Grayson
Interior Artists: Paul Ryan, Walden Wong, Scott McDaniel, Shawn Martinbough, Jeff Moy, W.C. Carani, N. Steven Harris, Wayne Faucher, Jackson Guice, Marcos Martin, Phil Jimenez, Mark Pennington, Eduardo Barreto, Rick Burchett, Pablo Raimondi, Craig Rousseau, Pete Woods, Steve Mitchell, and Rebecca Woods
Grading Estimate: Very Fine- 7.5 (Grading Guide)
Defects: top left corner has some damage, top right corner is dinged, light spine stress, crease at top left corner of back cover, thumb crease on back cover
Interior: off-white pages, comic is complete and fully readable
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Protection: Comic comes in a protective sleeve with a backer board

Gotham City Secret Files and Origins #1 Comic Book
This is an actual scanned image of the comic cover.
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